Web Hosting

  • Want to manage your own email accounts, no worries as your account comes with email accounts for you to use as you please.
  • cPanel control panel system is provided to all clients allowing easy management of email accounts and the instant installation of multiple forums, guest books and content management systems. If you can browse the web you have all the technical knowledge required to create a website!
  • PHP 5, MySQL 5, Perl, CGI, IMAP plus hundreds of other features are standard on all accounts.
  • Yearly billing allows us to keep costs down and provide a cheaper service to you.
Standard Power Custom
Disk Quota 500MB 1000MB Call
Monthly Bandwidth 10GB 40GB Call
Max FTP Accounts 10 50 Call
Max eMail Accounts 10 20 Call
Max eMail Lists 10 10 Call
Max Databases 2 10 Call
Max Sub Domains 10 10 Call
Max Parked Domains 10 10 Call
Max Addon Domains 10 10 Call
Price / Year $100 $200 Call


Sub domain

a subsection of your website that exists as a subdirectory in your public_html folder. Subdomains use a prefix in conjunction with the domain name. For example, if the registered domain name was example.com, the subdomain will beprefix.example.com.

Parked domain

A second domain that points to your primary domain. When users attempt to access the parked domain, they will see your main website. For example, both http://www.cpanel.net and http://www.cpanel.com go to the same place, as cpanel.com is a parked domain forcpanel.net.

Addon Domain

An additional domain name associated with your cPanel account. Each addon domain is stored in its own directory which you can configure. This allows you to manage multipledomains from a single cPanel account. Addon domains must be registered with a domain name registrar to work.