Service gleaned from real from industry experience

Command E offers clients service and advice based from many years industry participation in many graphics and visual fields. Our staff have worked as professional designers, commercial photographers, offset printers and  even prepress specialists. Years of experience starting from the early 80s have taught us how to get the most out of technology. The decisions to invest in the tools of trade for visual creatives and associated industries are now more than ever, critical to get right. We help you do just that.

Our task is to always place ourselves into the customers shoes and craft advice based on current and future needs with the aim to lift capability and productivity within budget restraints.

Be it products from Apple, NEC, Xrite, Epson, HP, or other manufactures you can be sure that if it has application to the fields of visual creativity we have the answers and solutions for you.

Comprehensive service which does not stop at sales and installation.

You will get hands on onsite and phone support which caters for all classes of users. Specialist areas covered are:

Colour management solutions

Trouble shooting Macs and PCs

Network services and integration

Internet services ADSL and mail servers

Application training

Content managed web sites

High end scanning services

Creative services